Our Dogs and Puppies that are waiting for their "Forever Homes"
The PCHS is participating in the "Shelter Star" program through the Cesar Milan Foundation.

"Becoming a Pack Leader"
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"Belle's will be ringing" 
AnnaBelle is a Jack Russell Terrier. She is approximately 5 years old, fully vetted, utd on vaccines, spayed. AnnaBelle weighs 17 pounds, she is very sweet and likes attention. AnnaBelle is housetrained, but enjoys running and playing outside as often as she can. She plays well with other dogs, and seems to be okay with cats. She is a special needs as she is missing her right eye.
" A PC Shelter Rescue"
Dottie is a female Boxer mix. She was rescued from PC Animal Shelter. She is about 1 year old, utd on shots, and will be spayed soon. She weighs about 50 pounds. Dottie is a happy, friendly girl that would love to have a home of her own.
"Keep the Faith"
This pretty black & tan coonhound is FaithAnne.  She is approximately 2 years old, utd on vaccines, spayed, heartworm negative, and on monthly heartworm, flea, tick preventatives.  FaithAnne gets along great with other dogs, loves to play.  She loves attention, hugs, and treats.  She is being kept in an outside kennel at her foster home, but could easily become an indoor family pet.  Good with adults and children; not sure about cats though.
"It's like Butta"
Butter is a female Beagle/Boxer mix. She is about 6 years old, utd on shots, and has been spayed. She is good with other dogs, cats, and kids and is very sweet.
"On the road to recovery"
This girl came from PC Animal Shelter. She had a broken leg that needed to be seen by a vet. She underwent surgery to fix it and seems to be doing good. Her surgery is expected to be around $400 though. We need donations to help with the cost. Once she heals she will be available for adoption. She is about 3 years old and weighs about 40 pounds. We have named her Charity. If anyone wants to donate to her vet bill, they can do so by either sending it to Pulaski County Humane Society
"All Hale the Chief"
Geronimo is approximately a year old, 70#, Mountain Cur mix, brindle. Plays with other dogs but is bigger and bowls them over.
"Big Girl"

 This big girl is Cammie. She is 5-6 years old, spayed, and weighs 70 pounds. Cammie is used to being an indoor dog, but because of the number of dogs at her foster home, she is being kept in an outdoor kennel. Cammie loves being around people and is a very happy dog. She plays well with other dogs, not sure about cats as they have not been in close contact with her. She is guessed to be a Mastiff or Great Dane mix. fine around cats.

"Handsome Fella"
This handsome fellow is Sambony. He is guessed to be a boxer mix, as he has the body build of a boxer and runs/trots like a boxer, although his head is not like a boxer. He may be a Mountain Cur mix, as he has a stub tail. Sambony is approximately 2 years old and weighs 38#. He is utd on vaccines and neutered. He is being kept outside in his foster home, but would easily adapt to being inside. He will chase cats, so probably not good around them. He plays well with other dogs, does not bark much, and seems to learn quickly.
"Needs room to Run"
Cayce is a mixed breed, neutered male. He is a year old. Cayce plays well with other dogs, does not bother cats, and loves to be close to his human. Cayce is working on housetraining and trying very hard. He needs an area where he can run and play as he is young and has lots of energy.
"Ride Along Lexi/Lucy"
Lexi is a female German Shepherd mix. She was owner surrendered to a kill shelter where she spent 3 months. She is one lucky girl!! On the day she was supposed to be euthanized she was pulled by her foster "parent". Lexi is a very smart girl and she learns quickly. She is between 1 and 2 years old, spayed, and is good with other dogs and cats.  She's  housetrained and she rides well in a car. She is just looking for her forever home.
"I got lucky"
This guy is Sawyer. He is a mixed breed. Sawyer was rescued from the PC Animal Shelter. He is a nice dog, gets along with others, weighs 40# and is 4-5 years old. Sawyer is being kept outside in his foster home, but could be an indoor or indoor/outdoor dog.
"Point the way"
This guy is Specks, he is a pointer mix. Specks is a friendly, calm dog, weighs 45# and is 3-4 years old. Specks was rescued from the PC Animal Shelter, and now needs a wonderful home. He is being kept outside at his foster home, but could easily be an indoor or indoor/outdoor dog.
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