Our Dogs and Puppies that are waiting for their "Forever Homes"
The PCHS is participating in the "Shelter Star" program through the Cesar Milan Foundation.

"Becoming a Pack Leader"
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"How about a drink of Mocha Joe"
This young man is Mocha Joe.  He is approximately a year old, utd on vaccines, and neutered.  Mocha Joe is shy at first but trusts quickly.  He is very playful with other dogs, but also quiet and laid back.  Mocha Joe weighs approximately 40#, a may get just a bit bigger.  We are guessing that Mocha Joe is a Mountain Cur mix.  He is working on housetraining and also leash training. He doesn't do well with small dogs or cats.  He is a good boy and will be a wonderful pet for any family.
"Playful Pup"
This handsome young man is Bozwell. He is a black labrador retriever, 6-8 months old (as of 4-13-14). Bozwell is very playful, but not hyper. He gets along well with other dogs, just wants to play. He also likes some quiet time. Bozwell seldom barks. He is utd on vaccines, neutered, and weighs 40#. Bozwell is being kept outside in his foster home, but he would be a great indoor pet for any family.
"I had to be rehomed"
This is Roxie, a brindle Mountain Cur. Roxie's owner became ill and could no longer care for her, so she ended up in the Pulaski County Animal Shelter. The Humane Society heard her story and rescued her. Roxie has gone through a period of depression and mourning for the home she used to have, but she is now happily joining in with the other dogs in her foster home. Roxie is housetrained, very quiet, and very sweet. She is 1-2 years old, utd on vaccines, and spayed. Roxie weighs 31#. She gets along well with other dogs and seems to be okay with cats.
"I need a job"
This is Louie, a Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix.  Louie is approximately 10 months old.  He is very loving and sweet, wants to please.  Louie is utd on vaccines and neutered.  He weighs 62 pounds.  Louie has spent most of his time outside, so is not housetrained, but he is used to being crated at night.  Louie is very smart and just wants to please his human.  He would be a good service or therapy dog with some training.
"I'm Flexible"
Timbur is a Lab/Chow mix that showed up at a local vet clinic. He was held there for 3 weeks waiting for an owner to claim him but no one showed up. So, Timbur came to the Humane Society. He is a very nice, friendly dog, barks when he needs to. Timbur is utd on vaccines and will be neutered soon. He weighs 50#, and is 2-3 years old. He is being kept outside at his foster home, but could easily be an inside dog.
"Lap Dog"
This little gal is Rosalita. She is a Jack Russell Terrier, 2 years old, and weighs 14#. Rosalita is utd on vaccines and spayed. She is also housetrained. She plays well with other dogs. Rosalita likes her alone time, but she also likes to sit in your lap and sleep in the bed with you. Rosalita is very quiet and sweet, low energy.
4socks was found on hwy 90 between Williamsburg and Whitley City, there was no mom or siblings around. A student couple of Cumberland College saw her beside the road and stopped and got her. Their landlord did not allow pets so she came to us.. She is very rambunctious, very lively, very ‘wild’! She is a wild spirit! She is so fast! She does play somewhat ‘rough’, all 4 pounds of her, she is about 9 weeks old (as of 3-18-14). She will not be big.
"Handsome Fella"
This handsome fellow is Sambony. He is guessed to be a boxer mix, as he has the body build of a boxer and runs/trots like a boxer, although his head is not like a boxer. He may be a Mountain Cur mix, as he has a stub tail. Sambony is approximately 2 years old and weighs 38#. He is utd on vaccines and neutered. He is being kept outside in his foster home, but would easily adapt to being inside. He will chase cats, so probably not good around them. He plays well with other dogs, does not bark much, and seems to learn quickly.
"I'm a what?"
This cute little pup is Gypsy Girl.  She is a 10 month old Carlin Pinscher (cross between a MinPin and a Pug).  She is utd on vaccines and spayed.  Gypsy is very loving and loves to be held, a great lap dog.  She also loves to sleep with her humans and likes to be under the covers.  Gypsy gets along well with other dogs and with cats.  She loves to run and play outside, but needs a fenced yard so that she cannot run into trouble, as she is very quick.  Gypsy is an inside dog and is working very hard on her housetraining.  She is good with children.  She loves treats and likes to hide them.  She is not a barker, but will bark when she hears other dogs barking, or if she wants to go outside.  Gypsy is a wonderful little dog, she weighs 14 pounds, and she needs a home where she will get lots of love and attention.
"Good with Dogs and Cats"
This little guy is Bernie. He is 1 year old and weighs 14#. Bernie is utd on vaccines and neutered. He is a sweet little guy that likes to snuggle once he gets to know you. Bernie is working on housetraining and coming along well. He is crate trained. Bernie loves playing with other dogs, and doesn't bother cats. Not sure what the breed is, but it has cute all over it.
"Playful and Goofy"
Kramer is a male Flat Coat Retriever mix. He is about 2 years old, utd on shots, and neutered. He is fine with other dogs and doesn't bother the cats. He walks good on a leash and is working on housetraining. He is a very playful, goofy dog.
"Needs room to Run"
Cayce is a mixed breed, neutered male. He is a year old. Cayce plays well with other dogs, does not bother cats, and loves to be close to his human. Cayce is working on housetraining and trying very hard. He needs an area where he can run and play as he is young and has lots of energy.
"I've been chipped"
Here is Codger, an old guy that is neutered and microchipped, but not registered with 24PetWatch. He is a very sweet dog, spends most of his time lying around. He is housetrained, gets along with the 16 other dogs in my house ranging from 7# to 55#. I have just been calling him Codger because he is an older guy. He is utd on vaccines and healthy. He is guessed to be 6-8 years old. He has been a good dog for someone and will be for someone else. Very laid back and seldom barks. Doesn't pay attention to the cats, so I think he will be okay with them. (I don't have cats in direct contact with the dogs inside, but when he walks by one outside, he doesn't react at all).
"I'm a little shy at first"
Iris is a female Treeing Walker Coonhound mix. She is about 1 1/2 years old, utd on shots, and has been spayed. Iris is a little shy and will take some time to warm up to someone. She is very sweet though.
"Couch Potato"
Deuce is a male Shepherd/Chow mix. He is 5-6 years old, neutered, utd on shots, and good with other dogs. He doesn't really pay attention to cats. He is working on crate and housetraining. Deuce rides good in a car. He is a calm, quiet, lazy dog that enjoys being with his people and laying on the couch. He is a very sweet boy that would love to have a home of his own.
"Lots of energy"
Cyrus is a male Fiest. He is 9 months old (as of March 2014) and is utd on shots and will be neutered soon. He is a very friendly boy. He just needs a family to love him.
"Been in foster home for far to long"

This is Emmy Lou. She is about 1 to 1 1/2 yrs old. She was found by a caring person. They ran a found ad in the paper with no luck to find her owner. She is friendly, playful, and weighs about 20 pounds. She has had her shots. UPDATE 4-1-11 She has been spayed and is housetrained.

"Oh Billy Boy"
Billy Boy is just over a year old, utd on vaccines, neutered, housetrained.  He is very sweet and well-mannered.  Billy loves playing with puppies and is a great babysitter for them.  Billy Boy also does great with children and adults.  He weighs 52#, and will not get any bigger.  Billy is very laid back, but is also a great watchdog.

Meet Tootsie! Tootsie is a Jack Russell/Basset Hound mix. She is about 3 yrs. old. A Fenced yard would make her very happy. She likes being inside or outside. She is crate and housetrained. She is loving, energetic, and gets along with other dogs. Tootsie will need a home with kids over 10. She would really like a home of her own. Could it be yours?

"Mature Dog"
Meet Tessa. She is a 6 to 6 1/2 year old female Black Lab/Shepherd mix (best guess). She is utd on shots and spayed. She has been fine with my dogs and cats and seems to be housetrained. She rides good in a car. Tessa is a very sweet, well-mannered girl that just needs a family to love her.
" The now famous "Hobo"

Hobo was discovered by a jogger as he ate a deer killed by a car.  Hobo followed the jogger home and accompanied her the next morning on her run.  Not able to provide a safe home for this skinny boy, she approached the Humane Society for assistance. 

PCHS stepped in to help Hobo; as you can see he’s way too thin—needs about 20 pounds.  He is guessed to be a Boxer/Lab mix and about 1 1/2 years old. Sadly he is heartworm positive.  If untreated this is a death sentence.  He will have his first treatment next week (as of 10-28-12) and then shortly will be neutered.  This is as crucial for his survival as getting nourishing food to restore his energy and health.

Hobo is very friendly, loves children, seems well behaved and will be a great family companion when he recovers and is fully treated.

"I got lucky"
This guy is Sawyer. He is a mixed breed. Sawyer was rescued from the PC Animal Shelter. He is a nice dog, gets along with others, weighs 40# and is 4-5 years old. Sawyer is being kept outside in his foster home, but could be an indoor or indoor/outdoor dog.
"Point the way"
This guy is Specks, he is a pointer mix. Specks is a friendly, calm dog, weighs 45# and is 3-4 years old. Specks was rescued from the PC Animal Shelter, and now needs a wonderful home. He is being kept outside at his foster home, but could easily be an indoor or indoor/outdoor dog.
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