Our Dogs and Puppies that are waiting for their "Forever Homes"
Saka, Wrigley, Stacie, Sage, Commanche, Copper,  Speck  and Stephen  found their forever homes today March 21!!!!  We will miss them, but having their very own homes is EXACTLY what we dream of for each of the animals in our care.  

Meet Millie......... 

Millie was found with an injured paw at a Burnside gas station. However blood work showed Millie is heart worm positive--poor baby.
Millie's in foster care receiving her treatments and getting love and kindness, perhaps for the first time.

Millie a red tick pointer is learning to settle down and enjoy life in a family.

Millie will need lots of exercise and a very secure fenced area in which to play.


Ruby, Ruby........... 

Ruby is the mother to the 4 pups that were found in Eagles Nest. Ruby is basically still a pup herself, she's barely one year old.  She protected her sweet babies until human help rescued them all. She and her pups were undernourished and suffering dreadful mange.  However with care and love she has made a remarkable recovery.  Ruby is seeking her forever home where she'll never be afraid or hungry again.  

Cute Clover.......................

This is Clover. She is also part of the "mangy 5" rescued in Eagles Nest. She is a beautiful red color. Not only did she have the mange like her mom and siblings but she also has an ulcer on her right eye that she is being treated for. She is 4 months old and weighs about 20-25 pounds. She is very sweet!

Sweet Iris.............
Through no fault of hers, Iris is back with PCHS. Iris  a coonhound mix  is now 3 yrs. old, sweet as can be, 
house trained, well behaved and looking for a 
permanent loving home.  Can that be you??  
Vibrant Venus........

Venus is a female Border Collie/Husky mix  She is already crate trained. Venus loves everyone.

Who can resist this cute girl with her little white toes??

Sweet Hera is a Mountain Black Mouth Cur who is shy; lovable and eager for her own forever home
 where she can cuddle, play and be safe. 
 Lost once already in her young life; she is very timid, can you offer love and safety?
Jeppo is a male 9 month old Jack Russell/Cattle Dog 
 He is very sweet but needs a home with NO cats or
cattle. Can you offer Jeppo and loving safe forever

Rescued from a life living on a chain with little social interaction, this amazing young Border Collie mix is  PCHS' newest foster girl. 
 She is loving and playful, learning her house training manners, and as 
she is so intelligent, is catching on quickly.  She's healthy loves other dogs and humans.  Shandy will need a home where she has lots of room to 
exercise as her breed needs that and/or a job!!  Her forever family
 will gain a wonderful companion and needs to be one where she 
will be safe and get her love and play time.
"Sweet Charity"
LOOK at that smile!!!!   This girl came to us with  a shattered
  leg that needed  immediate surgery. It was repaired successfully 
and shes is a happy energetic loving dogCharity rolls over to show her belly with everyone in hopes of a belly rub. 
 Charity is a very sweet dog and needs a forever home where she'll 
be loved and safe always.    Is that with you??
"Handsome Fella"
Sambony is a  3 yr. old Mountain Cur mix. He's living outside at his foster home, but will adjust to indoor living in a FLASH and is eager to show his new family how lovable and fun he is!!!  But he needs a home without cats---he will chase and aggravate. He is good with other dogs; is smart and a quick learner; can he come play with you??

"Needs room to Run"
Cayce is a wonderful friendly dog.  He wants to cuddle close to his human.  Cayce at just over one year old is energetic and needs a home with safety where he can run and play in a fenced area.  He has lots of energy and LOTS of love.  Can he come play with you???
"I got lucky"
Sawyer is smiling because he knows he's very cute.  Can you see his potential! 
  Sawyer  is a sweet dog  who gets along with humans and dogs. He's a mid size boy about 5 yrs old. 
Don't overlook
the love this guy has to offer!
Boki from the pokey..........
Boki was once so ill PCHS wasn't sure he'd survive; but now he is so doggone cute!!! How can he be resisted. He's shy but will outgrow that as he settles in his new home.  Come on give Boki a chance won't you????The setter hound mix uses the pet door; running in/out just for entertainment!  
Amuzing Mazy.......

Mazy is   very social, affectionate.

great with people, kids and dogs. She does, however, chase cats, especially when she thinks nobody is looking. So she would be best in a cat-free home. 

 Mazy loves to cuddle on the couch and sleep with her humans. 

She is energetic and playful but not hyper and not a barker. Mazy has 

the agility and grace of a deer and effortlessly clears a 4' fence. 

Therefore a 6' fence is mandatory for her.

She's about 90% house trained. Mostly because she very subtly will tell

 you when she has to go. If you miss it, you've got a present. She does have 

a mind of her own and not the easiest dog to train.

Pleasing her human is not on the top of her list. And while she knows what

 you want her to do, she may not comply immediately. She does crate 

well, especially

for a treat. Mazy is still working on improving her leash walking but

 she does adore her walks. Mazy likes soft cuddly toys but also chew toys.

She needs to be crated when unsupervised. However, since she is so social, this should be limited. By contrast, she's perfect at night as

 long as she has a human to cuddle. Mazy is an all-around sweetheart and will give you hours of love and entertainment. Can you give her a home?


MOON PIE.............
 Moon Pie is sweet, playful, loves everyone and isn't much of a barker.......he just needs his OWN home!

PCHS is participating in the "Shelter Star" program 
through the Cesar Milan Foundation.

"Becoming a Pack Leader"
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