Our Cats and Kittens waiting for their "Forever Homes"

The following costs apply to animal adoptions:

Cats:  $75

This cost includes up-to-date vaccinations, 
spay or neuter, testing for disease, 
worming and flea and tick medication, 
and micro chipping for identification
This stunning girl was rescued from the woods in the 
Smoky Mountains!  She obviously had been 
someone's baby as she was litter trained, loving, friendly and 
loved riding in the car. Does seem a bit afraid of the dogs
in her foster home.
She is healthy spayed and ready for her forever
 home where she will never be left 
behind or abandoned again! Is that with your family!
This adorable boy rescued from under a car!  
He is now ready for his own home, good with dogs and other cats. 
Sweet Sally was rescued after being attacked by a dog.  
She is sweet as pie and
seeking her own home 
where she never again worries about being bitten!
This gorgeous beauty Camille, came to the HS with 
a severely injured leg.  The vet thought perhaps
 hit by a car and with no treatment the nerves 
were completely damaged and she was dragging her paw. 
Surgery removed the leg and she's recovered fully 
and doing well. Like most amputees you'd never
 know she's missing a front leg. She is sweet and
 loving and a bit intimidated by her fellow cats 
at her foster home. She is READY to move to her own full time forever home. 
Zon is almost 8 weeks old and seeking his forever home, 
he came to the Humane Society still having
to be bottle fed; but he's done wonderfully, 
and is social and loving and plays HARD with the other cats in his foster home. 
Max a Million....
This handsome young adult male cat; is so very loving 
and seeking his own home indoor only please. 
 He is neutered, tested, and current on all vaccinations.
These cute babes are 9 weeks old and seeking their forever home. If you are interested contact William McCoy at 606-344-6945. vet and personal references required.
These cute babes are 9 weeks old and seeking their forever home. If you are interested contact William McCoy at 606-344-6945. vet and personal references required.
 This long haired dilute Calico is a true beauty in and out. 
She is so very loving, purrs constantly 
and wants attention all the time.  She will soon be
 ready for adoption.
Gypsy is a young adult cat who has had enough trauma
 and needs her own forever home.  She lost her right
eye to a dreadful infection as a kitten and then lost her 
home when her humans chose a 'non pet' place to
live. She needs a forever family who will never cast her aside. 
Faith and Hope were rescued from an abandoned house as young kittens; 
they are now about six months but still very small for their age. Very sweet playful and loving.
Pawsey is a sweet loving girl who came to the Humane Society
 with a severely injured leg. Nerve damage is
too severe and she will never regain use of the leg 
so it will soon be amputated. She will be available
for adoption after she recovers.
Hope and her sister Faith were rescued from an abandoned
 house in the cold of winter. 

They can be adopted as a pair (special pricing) or 
individually. Indoor homes only. 
Miss Ivy is only 8 weeks old so cannot move to 
her own home just yet. She is one of Sunflower's
 babies and needs more time with her mama. But 
in a few weeks she'll be ready for her forever home; 
perhaps with her sibling FIG along too. 
If interested get your application in NOW.
Sunflower is a young orange tabby found abandoned 
immediately after giving birth to two kittens. She has
 raised them wonderfully and will be ready for her 
own forever home in a week or two. She is sweet
 and loving. Female orange tabby cats are only 20% of the orange tabby population, another reason Miss Sunflower is very special.
This little guy is just the most loving feline.....
He wants to be on top of you no matter what you are doing. 
Gets along well with other cats and dogs. 
This boy named for a powerful royal warrior in African jungles; 
is more about being a lover and cuddle bug than doing any warfare!!! 
He is seeking an indoor loving safe home. He's good with people and other cats. 
This gorgeous dilute Torti with the BIG eyes is a sweet, but sad girl.
 She lost her home when her owner died and she
has been very scared and shy ever since. 
Her world was disrupted and she just doesn't understand.
She likely needs a quiet home, another cat would be fine, 
but not a rowdy active home.
A retired person who would like an adult cat companion 
would be perfect. Is that YOU?  She is about 6 years old.

This gorgeous Tuxedo girl is Missy.  She is now 6 years old 
and was adopted but returned to us when her humans
got a divorce! Sad and confused at first she is now loving 
and happy again and doing well with
the other animals in her foster home.  She is seeking 
her own forever home where she won't be 'given up' ever again.

This wide-eyed pretty girl needs her own  fairly quiet home without 
other pets.  She was surrendered when
her humans had to move to a non pet place. 
She has been stressed since and likes 
peace and quiet. She is a 'cuddler' and misses
 her teenage friend with whom she slept every night.
She is fully vetted and is about 3 years old. It will take her some time to adjust.

This handsome boy, Wade, and is a sweet loving boy. 
 He is FIV positive so needs to be monitored might do best 
in a home without other cats or with other special needs kitties with FIV. 
 Can you offer him a loving home?
Buddy Martin....
Buddy Martin is a handsome adult male who lost him home 
when his human moved to another state.
He is shy at first and timid of new things; 
but once he trust you, OH BOY is he a lover!!!
Indoor home only please.
Stormy Weather....

This gorgeous dilute Tortie/Calico was dumped at
 the animal shelter after being adopted SIX years ago. 
 She was dumped along with her room mate Little Joe aka JoJo.
  They are very sweet loving cats. Stormy is very vocal.
Little Joe...aka JoJO

Little Joe is a handsome tabby guy; who is very loving.  
He and his 'roomie' Stormy were dumped at the animal 
shelter when the owner moved. He's seeking a home where 
he will never be 'given up' again. 

Mina (means loving) is just as adorable as she is gorgeous.
 She is now 8 months old and wonderfully playful.  She and we are seeking
an indoor only home where she will know safety and love only.

Bindi is a fierce; fearless  feline who fought an attacker 
to save her babies!  
She is a stunning bobtail girl and is loving and sweet; 
a cuddle girl just looking for her own forever home 
where she will not have to battle any foes ever again.

Autumn Peaches....

Autumn Peaches is 1 1/2 years old. She beautiful, smart,
 funny, loves to play and comes to get quick hugs. She 
will be an excellent best friend in an adult home.
Amelia is very elegant and has gorgeous markings. 
 She's not quite a year old and can be anxious around other cats and dogs. Peace and quiet is needed for this gorgeous girl.

She probably needs a home WITHOUT young children as prior experience has made her fearful. 
Sweet Olivia is a SPECIAL NEEDS kitty as she lost an eye as a kitten. 
 She manages just fine and is very loving, 
 She is a petite and cuddly girl. 
Miss Spice is young and she is taking applications from those who might 
offer her a safe loving indoor home. She is playful and loving.

Raisin is a very handsome youngster; still really a kitten;   soft sweet and cuddly;
 looking for his own home. He gets scared easily so time and patience needed for sweet Raisin to adjust.
 Playful and good with other cats. 

YinYang is a wonderful 2 year old cat. He is neutered, gets along with others. loves people. He is a big lovable boy.

He would be excellent for a child, litter box trained,uple years ago, so he is around 2. Due to health issues, I am needing to find 'better' homes. He would be excellent for a child. Litter box trained. Not UTD on shots, but I would be willing to sponsupo

Austin and Avery are brothers and as sweet as can be.  They can be adopted together or individually.  Healthy and playful.
Austin is Avery's brother and as sweet as can be.  They can be adopted together or individually.   Healthy and playful. 
COURTESY Listings.....
We provide this information as a service to the
 These are not PCHS animals, but rather those
needing to be rehome or adopted after rescue. 
Contact the person listed for more information 
and adoption requirements and re homing fee.