Our Cats and Kittens waiting for their "Forever Homes"
The following costs apply to animal adoptions:


This cost includes up-to-date vaccinations, 
spay or neuter, testing for disease, 
worming and flea and tick medication and micro chipping.
This handsome Russian Blue mix is as loving as he is stunning.  A true cuddly guy. He is almost old enough to go to his own home and is reviewing applications. 
Straw Boss....
This big fluffy boy is Straw Boss.  He is estimated to be 2 years old, neutered, and up to date on vaccines.  Straw Boss is very friendly and loves to be with his human.  He needs to be an indoor cat.  He weighs 10-11 pounds.
Sweet Petunia is now old enough to be looking for her own family.  She is a cuddly girl and gets along well with other cats and dogs.  She is marked more like a TORBIE than a tabby; interesting colors.
Slippers is Silas' brother and they are very attached; consider adopting both for their well being and years of fun for you!
Mina (means loving) is just as adorable as she is gorgeous.
 She is Bindi's daughter and they were rescued after Bindi fought OFF 
an attacker that killed all the other kittens.  This special little girl
 is just now old enough to start reviewing applications for adopters 
offering her a safe indoor only home. 
This little guy lives up to his name; he is full of kitten playfulness 
teasing his foster brother Shadow all the time. Look at that handsome with big whiskers!

Princess Katie....
This gorgeous girl will be reviewing applications for her forever home! 
 She is sweet HIGH energy and loving. 
Kittles is a 7 week old adorable kitten; seeking her forever home; consider a
dopting two kittens as they have such fun with a buddy!

Bindi is a fierce; fearless who fought an attacker to save her babies!  
She is a stunning bobtail girl who has recovered from her injuries and gaining 
her strength back.  She is loving and sweet; a cuddle girl just looking for her own 
forever home where she will not have to battle any foes ever again.

Autumn Peaches....
This exotic young cat is very sweet and loving;
 perfect for a young girl who wants a cuddly companion or
 anyone who needs an attentive furry friend.
This handsome guy is one of several siblings still available for adoption. 
They were rescued from a dangerous situation and 
are now sweet loving playful kittens.
Amelia is very elegant and has gorgeous markings. 
 She's not quite a year old and can be anxious around other cats and dogs. Peace and quiet is needed for this gorgeous girl.

She probably needs a home WITHOUT young children as prior experience has made her fearful. 
This little girl is gorgeous with blue eyes. Originally we thought she was still a
 kitten herself due to her petite size, but the vet says shes 3!!
Sweet and loving. Stunning markings; must be some Siamese in her ancestry.
Sweet Olivia is a SPECIAL NEEDS kitty as she lost an eye as a kitten. 
 She manages just fine and is very loving, 
5.5 pounds just 19 months old. She is a cuddly girl. 
Betty Boop….
Betty Boop is an exotic looking doll. Look at those long whiskers.
She lost her previous home due to the owner's ill health
and ability to care for her. 
She was traumatized but finally is adjusting to her foster home; she will need patience and time. 
FINALLY she is enjoying being petted and loved. 
She seems to be more attached to the man in the foster 
home so maybe an older single fella or a couple with a 
quiet home would be perfect for Betty Boop!.
This adorable soft orange tabby is Nate. He is sweet and loving and looking
 for his forever home.  His color is just a whisper...….

Young Cecelia is elegant; charming and so very adaptable.  
She is now fully recovered from her illness; caused by spending her young life on the streets. 
 She is seeking a forever home with love and safety; she is accustomed to other cats and dogs.  
 Buffy is a fairly ALPA girl, we think she stands NO nonsense after being a street child and having to battle for food etc. She is sweet and loving to humans.

Miss Spice is young and she is taking applications from those who might 
offer her a safe loving indoor home. She is playful and loving.


Diego is a sweet energetic young orange tabby rescued from the streets; 

he’s looking for an indoor only home with love and safety.

Raisin is a very handsome youngster; still really a kitten;   soft sweet and cuddly;
 looking for his own home. Playful and good with other cats. 
Sir Arthur....
Sir Arthur is a very special resilient kitty.  Almost sliced in half by an engine, he clung to life and showed great determination to survive.  He's now doing really well; still has a limp which will fade in time.  He's healthy and loving and seeking his own home, indoor ONLY where he'll never be in danger again. 

YinYang is a wonderful 2 year old cat. He is neutered, gets along with others. loves people. He is a big lovable boy.

He would be excellent for a child, litter box trained,uple years ago, so he is around 2. Due to health issues, I am needing to find 'better' homes. He would be excellent for a child. Litter box trained. Not UTD on shots, but I would be willing to sponsupo

Austin and Avery are brothers and as sweet as can be.  They can be adopted together or individually.  Healthy and playful.
Austin is Avery's brother and as sweet as can be.  They can be adopted together or individually.   Healthy and playful. 
COURTESY Listings.....
We provide this information as a service to the
 These are not PCHS animals, but rather those
needing to be rehome or adopted after rescue. 
Contact the person listed for more information 
and adoption requirements and re homing fee.