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The Pulaski County Humane Society holds two monthly Adoption events the first Saturday  and the third Saturday of the month at the PCHS Building located at 179 Chris Way (off Hwy 914, next road past the L C Flea Market--first building on the right on Chris Way)

2020 STARS Calendars are HERE!!!
Calendars are $10 each and can be purchased at any HS event or at the HS building during SNEUTER clinics and adoption events. 

You can purchase online here using our PayPal link. If you want the calendar shipped please add $2. for shipping and handling.

The PayPal Link is on our Donate page. Thanks, these will go fast; get yours NOW!
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Our CookBooks are HERE!!!! 

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Price is $12.00 each You can also pay on line here using the PAYPAL link on our donation page, but add 2.00 for shipping and handling and give full shipping info. THANKS!!!

Here are locations for finding them; please share the information

Available at the following locations..

November Adoption day & auction pick up 2nd 12-4 pm Bark for a cure 2nd 3-7 pm Jarfly 6th Adoption day & auction pick up 16th Holly jolly market PC high school Nov 24th 12-5 pm




Diaper wipes; unscented natural (like ones w/aloe)

paper towels,

Cleaner w/bleach,

Toilet tissue,

Disinfectant for mopping the surgery room & recovery rooms,

Rubbing Alcohol

Q-TIPS (but only those with PLASTIC Stems)

Spray air freshener,

Dog and Cat food, wet and dry

Totes for storage of supplies, and other items.

New or used cat travel crates

       Items can be dropped of at any adoption day which are first and third Saturdays of the month, 

noon until 4p.  Or call 606-451-2367 to make other arrangements to drop off.

Harry Evans....

Celebrating Harry Evans' life was bittersweet. 

Not having Harry with us is heart wrenching, but to see so many people come to share stories and honor this gentle, giving, kind, truly decent man sent the heart soaring.
 The HS facility was filled and overflowing with family, friends, co workers, children and dogs; all of whom Harry touched in everlasting ways. 

Thank you to all who helped with arranging, food, donations, stories and a special thank you to JR Keith for his artistry with the flowers.

 Harry we will miss you always.
What a terrific even this was!! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the community supporters 
who donated items for the auction; those who donated food,
 the band and those who gave so much time to this 
wonderful event last night raising much needed $$ with
 which to continue our work for animals. 
Candice Girkey and Kathleen Johnson you had a terrific idea and made it 
happen! We hope everyone had a grand time and enjoy the 
items for which you had the HIGH BID!!!
See you next year...…...





Chained dog froze to the ground in Somerset KY....
For those of you who do not receive the local paper; the Brison animal cruelty case (dog chained and froze to the ground and died) was given a NO TRUE BILL by the Grand Jury and handed back to District Court which subsequently dismissed the charges against both Brisons.

How one area of District Court found there was enough evidence to send to the Grand Jury and then District Court LATER decides there's not enough evidence is baffling.

 Interestingly it 'appears'  the arresting officer on scene was unable to appear both times due to required training. Would it not seem prudent to arrange hearings to INCLUDE the officer who was there?

I personally am so discouraged by this repeated outcome of this type of case. The hours put in contacting people; making phone calls, explaining the very close relationship between animal abuse/torture and human abuse is all for nothing over and over.

However UNTIL the public steps up and demands change in legislation and change at the election box, this will continue unabated.

While it is  understood fully that the courts are overloaded with cases of drugs, incest, murder and the like; law enforcement and courts must also recognize immediately by allowing  animal abuse cases to go without consequence, it will continue and escalate and likely result in more cases of human abuse.

To all of you who called; attended court, wrote letters, THANK YOU. To those who did not; please consider adding your voice to a very needed cause for change and action.

Felony Cruelty

Ronald and Debbie  Brison

Their dog was found by police officers after neighbors reported it barking for hours and hours. 

The police discovered that the dogs' back legs were chained together; it was tethered to something and had frozen to the ground. The dog was bleeding from the mouth where it had tried repeatedly to bite through the chains holding it. It was thin, emaciated and had been there so long it had feces covering it that had also frozen. The dog appeared to have a dislocated hip, no food and frozen water. The temperature was 12 degrees.

The dog did not survive. 

Please stand up for animals-be their voice--make sure people are held accountable for callous cruelty such as this.

Thanks to Somer City Roller Derby and Sk8ters Paradise for having us Feb 15.
Great time for all of us and our therapy and available dogs too!
This beautiful girl needs her own home preferably with no other animals. She's had some bad experiences with other animals and small children. So her OWN home needs to be without chaos and with lots of safety and understanding of her background.

Pulaski County Humane Society participated in 

 Somernites Cruise events all summer!

Many dogs stopped by for a drink and attention.

Our volunteers enjoyed meeting residents and visitors alike to educate them to

the Humane Society programs; See you NEXT YEAR!!

Rally Poster Girl....
Mandy recently won 4th Place in the Greater Good Photo Contest; thanks to everyone who VOTED~~~
Mandy shown here, is a foster of the Humane Society and is our POSTER child for the Anti Abuse Rally; she came to us after a horrific life of abuse and neglect. She lost the sight of one eye, the other is limited, she is riddled with scars and filled with fears. This is why laws must change. Sprite her foster sister proudly also wears a NO MORE ABUSE bandana. See you Friday downtown Somerset on the Square; 6p!

PCHS' programs  altered  1017 animals in 2017.. 

IIn 2018 PCHS has altered 1182  animals 

 setting new records

TNR program.....

The Humane Society is committed to our targeted TNR (trap neuter and return/relocate) program and is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Maddies' Fund,  in order to continue this important work of reducing the size of cat colonies in and around Somerset. 

Stray to Strut....

The work of rescuers is exhausting and often heartbreaking but then we get a story like this to share. 

This sweet dog was a stray at the Animal Shelter here in Pulaski County and now LOOK. A Runway model in is sweet.

Thanks to the many who work so many hours to arrange rescue; transport and adoption of the thousands of animals who need help every day.

Justice for Mira....

McCreary County Grand Jury Drops Case against Man for Dog Torture
Meeting for their regular August session, the McCreary County Grand Jury returned a “no true bill” in the case of Larry Meadows who had been charged with the torture of a dog or cat.  Meadows was arrested after a dog suffered severe injuries and eventually died from those injuries. A no true bill from the Grand Jury means there was not sufficient evidence presented to warrant charges and for the case to proceed.
PLEASE find out who your elected officials are in Frankfort and write or call them  insisting on better animal legislation.

Justice for Snow....

        Legislative update: 

Great News for animals. On January 18th 2018, the accused killer of little SNOW was sentenced to jail. He will serve a year incarcerated and will also do community service. PCHS is very grateful to the officials who made sure this case stayed viable and went the distance to assure JUSTICE for little SNOW!

Making a difference

The Pulaski County Humane Society  works alongside the Pulaski County Animal Shelter to save many dogs and cats from being euthanized.

Each week, PCHS members go to the shelter and transport dogs and cats to several different rescues.

Some dogs are adopted as far away as New York state and Ontario, Canada.

This is just one of the ways that the Pulaski County Humane Society saves the lives of animals.