Pulaski County Humane Society
179 Chris Way, Somerset KY 42501

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 448 - Somerset, KY 42502


The Somerset-Pulaski County Humane Society is an all volunteer non profit group. As such PCHS DOES NOT go around seizing animals or make visits regarding abused abandoned or neglected animals.

Without permission from a home owner we can't enter property. PCHS receives many calls regarding abuse neglect etc. which are then turned over to the County Shelter for the Animal Control Office and the police to handle. If you see abuse, neglect of abandonment call the Shelter 606-679-6432 and 911 until someone responds. 

There is a report of someone going around claiming to be with the Humane Society and trying to take animals. Report the person and the car/plate to the police department. We are not doing this and this person is not associated with Somerset Pulaski County Humane Society.

The Sneuter Shop

The Pulaski Co. Humane Society offers a frequent

low-cost Spay / Neuter clinic.

Our prices are:

 DOG - $80 

CAT - $30 

(includes surgery, rabies and pain shots)

PROOF OF RABIES  required if animals is current on rabies shot.

Other vaccines and tests are available also. 


  Have your pet micro chipped during the surgery for 

an additional cost of $25.....

Please call 606-451-2367; leave your name, 

number and whether you have a dog or cat, female or male. 

Space is limited! 

 We will call you back with more information.

How we make a difference with our Sneuter Clinics

2017 YTD (June)  370 animals altered

2016: 995 animals altered

2015: 876 animals altered

 2014: 643 animals altered
2017 Year to date .....
As of June 30.......

PCHS has participated in helping 1037 animals to be rescued from the animal shelter and community and transported to various rescues.

69 dogs and cats have been adopted from the PC Humane Society

370 animals have been altered through PCHS low cost programs.

Many thanks to our many supporters!


2016  Year  End  Results


Total Animal Intake to Humane Society Foster Program:  326

Live Outcome:  315

(adoptions, animals moved to rescue, TNR and those remaining in the system)

Euthansia   7

All Live Outcome 315

Live Release Percentage is 97%  

This is based on the calculation of the Asilomar Accords Live Release Rate.



995 animals were altered in PCHS’ low cost spay neuter programs.

(77 of these animals were TNR cats)


PCHS participated in rescuing and transporting 2303 animals from the

animal shelter, the community and other shelters. 

Most traveled to other rescue groups across the country where often their new owners already waited.




re home an animal

If you need to re home an animal (dogs and cats)
 Please send a photo, animal info

 (age, breed, spay/neutered, vet info) 
to these email addresses. 

They might be able to get your animal into
 another rescue out of state. 


The following costs apply to 
animal adoptions:

DOGS : $95.00
PUPPIES (under 6 months): $125.00


This cost includes up-to-date vaccinations, 
spay or neuter, testing for disease, 
worming and flea and tick medication.

The Pulaski County Humane Society is looking for volunteers, members and foster homes. 

Please go to our Membership and Fostering page.

 Thank You