Forever Homes (Dogs)
 The Pulaski County Humane Society is proud of our successful adoptions. This page is dedicated to those loving families that have graciously opened up their hearts and homes to our animals.

The PCHS is forever grateful.

Rubble and Jackson finally got their forever home!! 
They have waited a long time. 
We are soooo delighted for them and their humans.

Chocolate is excited about his new home with this lovely lady.  Good luck Chocolate; you're a special boy!
Teenie is safe and loved again; and enjoying life with his new human!
Sarge finds his forever home in Berea, KY!!
From the animal shelter to her very own home.  
Lucky Daphne will have a great life with these ladies from now on!
Buster Beagle....
Buster Beagle, recovered from his surgery and  adopted relaxes in his new home.
Sweet Selene goes home....
Annie goes to the beach....
Sweet Annie; recently moved to New Jersey to join her new family and she's enjoying every moment.  Here she is at the local beach! Yaay Annie!!
Lightning; injured in a hit and run accident has made a full recovery and found his forever home.
Miss Honey went from living outside in a crate to this wonderful loving home and a young man who adores her.
This tossed away pup will now be a support dog to a young woman as she begins a new phase of her life. 
After two years in foster care; this sweet shy beauty finally has her own home and a bed with her own name.
 Sawyer finds his forever home 2015
Sawyer and his family on their wedding anniversary!

"Wally find a new family"

July 2012

" Pipsqueak and his new Mom and Dad"

July 2012

" Missy and her new Mommy"

July 2012

This Junior and his new owner. He was adopted on June 16th 2012. We wish Junior and his new family luck and many years together. 
This is Kaylee and her new family . Kaylee was adopted on June 16th 20012. We would like to wish her luck in her "forever Home".
Congrats to Zesta who got adopted by a loving family. Here she is with new sister Abbi. You can tell she has not problem fitting in to her new home..
Read the story of Rona, the dog that got a second chase with a family in Wisconsin.
Katy and her new family.
This is a photo of Katy and her new human owner Nathan. Nathan is a special need boy and Katy and him have become quick friends.
Ranger finds his "Forever Home". Read what his new family says: 
"It would be wrong to say we adopted "Ranger" what he did was adopt us. Thanks for anyone who helped make his adoption possible, especially his Foster Mommy Lacey and his chauffeur Melody for bringing him to me. :)
We would like to congratulate Sophia on finding a new home. 12/30/2011
Jake the JR gets a new home.
Daisy Mae(in the pink) an sister Lily Belle 
PG (now Daisy Mae) was a dog that was picked up on Piney Grove Road on January 7th .  She had been sprayed by a skunk and had been on her own for awhile. She has now found a forever home in Tennessee with a loving family and little sister Lily Belle.