Forever Homes (Cats)
The Pulaski County Humane Society is proud of our successful adoptions.

This page is dedicated to those loving families that have graciously opened up their hearts and homes to our animals.


Buttons and Skittles....
BobbieSue adopted.....
Miss Bobbie Sue might have been apprehensive about going to a new home, but look at her NOW.  She has settled right in and charmed her humans big time!!
Alfonso cuddles with Dad......
Rescued as a tiny kitten; Alfonso is now so loved in his adoptive home. This is one of his favorite places to snuggle.
Olivia aka Kia.......
Olivia knew that the best medicine can be some good kitty cuddles.  She is so sweet and calm and knows just when she is needed to help.
Sebastian joins Sawyer at new home....
This family adopted Sawyer last year and has just added Sebastian to their wonderful loving home.
Bella gets a new home.
We would like to congratulate Bella for getting adopted into a loving home. Here she is catching some Z's with her playmate. (adopted 3/17/2012)
Congratulations to Humphrey and Bogart! They were both adopted from Petsense. Feb 2012
This sweet baby found her forever home just in time for Christmas!  Be happy sweeet baby.
Panda as a kitten (above), Panda now ( below)
Isabella as a kitten (above) and Isabella now 
Mango has been adopted by a loving home.She has moved to Mississippi with her new brother Lex and new momma.