Pulaski County Humane Society
179 Chris Way, Somerset KY 42501
(located off 914 between the Lake Cumberland Flea Market and Lumber King)

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 448 - Somerset, KY 42502


Somerset Pulaski County Humane Society is a foster-home based rescue group. We do not want our rescues in a shelter environment. They are housed in our homes, with us and our families and other pets. This socializes them and they can easily transition to their new homes.

We are a 100% volunteer run organization. Many volunteers also work full time. We are not always available at all hours. We work hard so we can help animals in need and support our families at the same time! We are a private group. We rescue locally and beyond but we are not always available due to work schedules.


Adoption applications are required on all animals. We carefully check personal references and your vet reference so you will need to authorize them to do so. 

We process applications in the order that they are received. We do our best to process them in a timely manner but sometimes emergencies that we respond to happen and we get to them as quickly as we can possibly can.

When placing an animal in a home, we do look out mainly for what is best for that particular animal and the lifestyle of the potential adopter(s). If we do not place that animal with you it does not mean that you were automatically denied for adoption. It means that maybe that animal is just not right for you as we live with them and we know them best. Or perhaps we had a plethora of applicants. We do our best to place them in the best scenario for them. They have already been let down by humans at least once in their lives and we do not want that to happen again.

We DO NOT have regular daily hours, but hold TWO on site adoption days per month; 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Noon until 4pm.

Location:  179 Chris Way, Somerset KY 42501 606-451-2367

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Rescue and adoptions......
Big mama is a deaf 12 year old lab who serves as host MOM to all the puppies which rotate through the foster's home. All puppies love Big mama and she gives them love safety warmth and comfort as they adjust. She is our angel. 
The Humane Society was honored to be chosen by the Somerset Pulaski County CHAMBER OF COMMERCE as the 2017 Non Profit Organization of the Year.  The designation inspires us to continue our life saving  work for animals.

The Sneuter Shop

Prices effective March 1, 2020

The Pulaski Co. Humane Society offers a frequent

low-cost Spay / Neuter clinic.

Our prices are:

 DOG - $55

For a limited time; dogs over 50 pounds are just $50. 

Cats - $55.00

This is a limited time offer due to funding

(Includes surgery, rabies vaccination and pain medication and sales tax)

Other vaccines, micro chipping and tests available.

PROOF OF RABIES  required if animals is current on rabies shot.

Effective July 1, 2018 companion animal veterinary services are subject to 6% sales tax.


  Have your pet micro chipped during the surgery for 

an additional cost of $27.....

Please call 606-451-2367; leave your name, 

number and whether you have a dog or cat, female or male. 

Space is limited! 

 We will call you back with more information.

The Humane Society no longer offers 'just shots' to our clients.

All shots are available if your pet is having surgery, but not just 'coming in' for shots. 

 Check with local veterinarians about vaccinations.

Rescue; Adoptions Year to Date....





       Cat/kittens Adoptions 52


   Dog Adoptions  124


How we make a difference with our Sneuter Clinics

2019:  894 animals altered

2018:   1182 animals altered

2017:  1017 animals altered

2016: 995 animals altered

2015: 876 animals altered

 2014: 643 animals altered
2019  Rescue/adoption/Spay/Neuter stats .....

PCHS has participated in helping 1850 animals to be rescued from the animal shelter and community and transported to various rescues.

176 dogs and cats have been adopted from the PC Humane Society

894 animals have been altered through PCHS low cost programs.

106 cats have been trapped, altered, released

Many thanks to our many supporters!

Please spread the word to keep our programs growing.


2018  Year  End  Results


Total Animal Intake to Humane Society Foster Program:  382

Live Outcome:  353

(adoptions, animals moved to rescue, TNR and those remaining in the system)

Euthansia   29

All Live Outcome 353

Live Release Percentage is 92%  

This is based on the calculation of the Asilomar Accords Live Release Rate.



1182 animals were altered in PCHS’ low cost spay neuter programs.

(97 of these animals were TNR cats)


PCHS participated in rescuing and transporting 2504 animals from the

animal shelter, the community and other shelters. 

Most traveled to other rescue groups across the country where often their new owners already waited.




VIP PetCare Clinic dates:
These are held at PetSense retail store and Tractor Supply in Somerset KY

These are not Humane Society Events

VIP offers many services ; shots, worming, micro chips etc.

re home an animal

If you need to re home an animal (dogs and cats)
 Please send a photo, animal info

 (age, breed, spay/neutered, vet info) 
to these email addresses. 

They might be able to get your animal into
 another rescue out of state. 


TWO websites allow an individual to post an animal:
  Adopt-a-Pet;    at https://rehome.adoptapet.com/ and RescueMe.org, https://www.rescueme.org/
please visit them to post your need for re homing.

As a volunteer 501 C3 organization The PC Humane Society does not go around seizing animals or make visits regarding abused abandoned or neglected animals.

Without permission from a home owner we can't enter  private property. PCHS receives many calls regarding abuse neglect etc. which are then turned over to the County Shelter for the Animal Control Office and the police to handle.

If you see abuse, neglect of abandonment

call the Shelter 606-679-6432

and 911 until someone responds. 

The following costs apply to 
animal adoptions:

DOGS : $95.00
PUPPIES (under 6 months): $125.00 plus 6% sales tax

plus 6% sales tax

This cost includes up-to-date vaccinations, 
spay or neuter, micro chip for ID, testing for disease, 
worming and flea and tick medication.

The Pulaski County Humane Society is looking for volunteers, members and foster homes. 

Please go to our Membership and Fostering page.

 Thank You