Pulaski County Humane Society
P.O.Box 448

Somerset,Ky 42502
Adoption Day
on Dec 6th  1pm-3pm

We now have cats and kittens at Petsense in Somerset.
"We are now accepting donations through all major Credit cards"
Click the button below to sponsor a dog or puppy.

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Click on the button below to sponsor a Cat or Kitten.

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The PCHS is participating in the "Shelter Star" program through the Cesar Milan Foundation.

"Becoming a Pack Leader"
Receive a free DVD when you adopt a dog from the Pulaski County Humane Society.

Next spay/neuter Clinic 
You must be registered to be in the clinic. 
If you would like to be added to our list for our clinic please contact Connie Rakestraw by email : conniebelle53@bhumane.org
or Call 606-451-2367

Space is limited! 

The Sneuter Shop

The Pulaski Co. Humane Society offers a weekly

Low-cost Spay / Neuter clinic.

Our prices are below:

 DOG - $78 

CAT - $68 

(includes surgery, rabies and pain shots)

PROOF OF RABIES  required if animals is current on rabies shot, other vaccines are available also. 

Please call 606-451-2367 leave your name, number and if it's a dog or cat, female or male. We will call you back with more information.

How we are making a difference in our Sneuter Clinic and Adoption program .

2014:121 dogs 196 cats 
2013 :147 dogs 265 cats

How many dogs and cats got adopted from PCHS 2014
44 dogs/pups
99 cats/kittens
How many dogs and cats got adopted from PCHS 2013
120 Dogs/pups
210 cats/kittens
How many dogs and cats got adopted from PCHS in 2012

199 Dogs/pups
210 Cats/kittens
How many dogs and cats got adopted from PCHS in 2011

66 dogs
69 Cats
Other means to rehome an animal

If you need to rehome and animal (dogs and cats) Please send a photo, animal info (age,breed,spay/neutered,vet info) to these email addresses. They maybe able to get your animal into another rescue out of state.

The following costs apply to animal adoptions:

DOGS : $95.00
PUPPIES (under 6 months): $125.00


Due to the high vet bills, we've had to increase our adoption fees on cat/kittens.

This cost includes up-to-date vaccinations and spay or neuter.

The Pulaski County Humane Society is looking for volunteers, members and foster homes. Please go to our Membership and Fostering page. Thank You

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Thank You PetMeds for you generous donation